Pratt Rock Park

Beautiful views, hiking and swimming area in walking distance from our Tiny House.
Enjoy the nature!

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Welcome to Pratt Rock Park

In walking distance from our Bungalow, you will find Pratt Rock Park.
Pratt Rocks climbs to 1,519 feet (462.99 meters) above sea level and it's dedicated to Zadock Pratt, a man from the early 1800's who had the largest tanning operation in the world at the time.
He was tanner, a banker, a US Congressman, a land developer, town magistrate and planner, a colonel in the New York state militia, and a husband five times over.
Add to this veteran of the War of 1812, trader in the Canadian provinces, endower and builder of the Prattsville Academy, and instrumental in the founding of the US Bureau of Statistics.
Pratt Rock is a historical place. Rocks have carvings that represent milestones in Pratt's life who managed to start an amazing business and make a town prosper as a result.
You will find interesting chairs and benches carved from rocks along the way, and the view from the top would make a gorgeous picnic site.
Believe It or Not, Ripley once called this chiseled mountainside "New York's Mount Rushmore".
The trail parallels the road and passes a tall tombstone that marks the common grave of six of Zadock Pratt's favorite horses and dogs.

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Stone Carvings

Pratt was supposed to be buried in a tomb carved into the stone, but work was stopped after only a small recessed chamber was created because water leaked through the rock overhead, and excavating the stone was too difficult.
The rock was originally a monument for Pratt's son, George W. Pratt, who was killed in the Civil War. It is considered the first memorial for the Civil War.
Pratt Rock Park was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1992.
Legend has it that a young sculptor, Andrew W. Pearse, was walking to his home in Rensselaer, NY when he met Zadock Pratt on the road and asked him for a meal and a night's lodging. Pratt believed in working for one's keep and asked the lad what he could do in return for the accommodations. Pearse said he was a stonecutter and so Pratt charged him with carving a horse on a nearby rock. The rock, however was not on Pratt's property and the sculptor was ordered to leave by the owner. When Pearse related this to Pratt, Pratt sent him to carve in the mountainside property that he owned. Thus began, in 1845 the first in a series of carved subjects that symbolized major events in his life.

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Beautiful views, hiking & swimming area

Enjoy the beauty of the majestic Catskill Mountains and surroundings!
A short walk to the top offers some breathtaking views and rock sculptures. The hike up the mountain is less than half a mile and it can be steep in places and rocky, so wear proper shoes.
The carvings are wonderful and you can read the history behind them at the foot of the trail. It's worth researching the history before going to make the experience even better.
The history is fascinating, and it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon outdoors.
Parking area and some well placed picnic tables are available.
Trail to the left of the carvings leads up to the top of the rocks where you can enjoy an amazing view of the valley below.
If you are there on a hot day, you can enjoy access to the Schoharie Creek and a nice swimming spot to cool off just down the road.

More Local Attractions

Pratt Rock Gallery

Gorgeous views in walking distance.

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Red Falls

Just 2 Miles from us you will find Red Falls, an unincorporated community in the northwestern corner of Greene County.
Red Falls lies on Batavia Kill about two miles upstream of Prattsville and about half a dozen miles upstream of Gilboa Reservoir.
The reservoir lies at the juncture of Greene, Delaware, and Schoharie Counties.

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